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Race results

On this page, we would like to share with you ours and yours race results.
So, if you're driving a Fenix, Mistral,  Su-zuka or I-mola, drop us some pictures....
Results and comments, are from newer to older.

December 18,2016

Lrp Challenge- Ranica, Bergamo, Italy
1st Simone Brocca- Fenix Mistral- Top Qualifier
2nd Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Delta Gear Diff

December 4,2016

ETS 2016/17 RD1- Hrotovice, Czech Republic
10th Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral

Swiss Championship- Final Ranking- Wettingen, Switzerland
1st Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff
3rd Leonardo Bottinelli- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff

Tyler RC Complex- Americas
1st Doug Bryson- Fenix Gear Diff

November 20,2016

Indoor Racing "Le piscine" Pianbosco, Pianbosco, Italy
1st Leonardo Bottinelli- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff

Indoor GAMES- Chiari, Italy
1st Christian Seturri- Fenix Chassis for Xray X1
2nd Ivano Cosentino-- Fenix Chassis for Yokomo

November 13,2016

Swiss Carpet Race, Palapenz, Chiasso, Switzerland

F1 A-main
1st Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral- Fenix DFV2 21.5
2nd Simone Brocca- Fenix Mistral

Touring A-main
1st Philipp Huber- Fenix Chassis for Durango

3rd Vincenzo Basile- Fenix Mistral

2nd Vincenzo Basile- Fenix Mistral- Pole position

November 6,2016

Masters of Foam- Racing Arena Limburg, Luxembourg
3rd Jacques Libar- Fenix 10.5- Fenix Gear Diff for 1/12

Automodelli on Tour- Chiari,Italy
1st Armando Tanzini- Fenix Chassis for Yokomo
2nd Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral
3rd Christian Seturri- Fenix Chassis for Xray X1

October 30,2016

GAMES- Chiari, Italy
2nd Ivano Cosentino- Fenix Chassis for Yokomo

1st Doug Bryson- Fenix Gear Diff

October 24,2016

Indoor Racing Chilelli- Castelnuovo Scrivia, Italy

F1 A-main
1st Leonardo Bottinelli- Fenix Mistral

Pancar 13.5 A-main
3rd Sacha Righetti- Fenix

October 16,2016

GP1- Palermo, Italy
2nd Vincenzo Basile- Fenix Mistral

Indoor GAMES-Chiari, Italy
1st Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral

October 9,2016

MRC Model Racing Club Vianen- Netherlands
3rd Martijn van der Heijden- Fenix Mistral (first race with Mistral)

October 2,2016

Lrp Contest, Sicily, Italy
3rd Vincenzo Basile- Fenix Mistral

September 25,2016

Swiss Champ Rd5 Aigle, Switzerland
1st Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff
2nd Leonardo Bottinelli- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff

Race Of Champions- Leno, Italy
1st Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral
2nd Simone Brocca- Fenix Mistral
6th Giorgio Favaretto- Fenix Mistral (yes, it's me....... the guy that drawn the car)

September 4,2016

5th Club Race- Chiasso,Switzerland

F1 A-main
1st Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff
2nd Leonardo Bottinelli- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff

Touring 13.5 A-main
3rd Roberto Moretti- Fenix ESC

August 21,2016

European F1 Master- Lostallo, Switzerland
5th Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff
6th Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral
Youngest on track- Marco Favaretto- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Phigamma 2

July 24,2016

Swiss Champ Rd4- Dinkinton, Switzerland
2nd Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff
3rd Leonardo Bottinelli- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff

July 17,2016

Italian AMSCI Champ- Lamberto Collari- Cassino, Italy
1st Luca Magnocavallo- Fenix DFV2 21.5- Fenix Gear Diff

July 10,2016

F1 Master- Trofeo ATL Abrasivi- Rivoli Veronese, Italy
2nd Simone Brocca- Fenix Mistral

July 3,2016

EFRA European Championship- Trencin, Slovakia
8th Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral- Fenix DFV2 21.5

June 19,2016

Swiss Champ RD3- Lostallo, Switzerland
1st Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Phigamma 2- Fenix Gear Diff
3rd Sacha Righetti- Fenix Mistral

June 13,2016

Alcamo, Sicily, Italy
1st Vincenzo Basile- Fenix Suzuka- Pole position- Best Lap

June 6,2016

3rd Club Race- Chiasso, Switzerland
1st Filippo Botti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff
3rd Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff

May 22,2016

Swiss Champ Rd2- Sciaffusa, Switzerland
1st Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff

May 15,2016

ETS RD4-Riccione,Italy

9th- Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral

1st Jeremy Limoges- Fenix Gear Diff

1st- Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- Fenix Gear Diff

F1PA- GP1- GP2- Sicily, Italy
1st Vincenzo Basile- Fenix Mistral

2nd Vincenzo Basile- Fenix Mistral

May 10,2016

National French Champ- Ingrandes, France
1st Jeremy Limoges- Fenix Gear Diff

April 24,2016

Swiss Champ Rd1-Chiasso
Top Qualifier- Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral- 3rd place
4th Filippo "Filo" Botti- Fenix Mistral
5th Matteo Berlincioni- Fenix Mistral

Austrian Champ
2nd Thomas Bauer- Fenix Suzuka

April 10,2016

ETS RD3 Wels,Austria

1st Giorgio Favaretto (yes, your humble genius.......)

March 27,2016

International Dutch F1 Master

1st Giacomo Moretti- Fenix Mistral
2nd Martijn van der Heijden- Fenix Chassis Xray X1

3rd Filippo "Filo" Botti- Fenix Mistral

February 29, 2016

F1PA2016-GP1 AND GP2
GP1-2nd-Vincenzo Basile
GP2-3rd-Vincenzo Basile

Automodelli.it-on tour- Castelnuovo Scrivia
1st Filo Botti
Pole- Filo Botti
2nd- Giacomo Moretti
Best Lap-Giacomo Moretti(new track record)
4th- Sacha Righetti
9th-Giorgio Favaretto(yes, it's me, the guy that drawn the car.....)

January 31,2016

F1 new season-Brazil
2nd place- Paulo Roberto Martins

Automodelli.it-on tour-G.Racing Chiari Mini Circuito
1st-Giacomo Moretti
Pole-Giacomo Moretti
Best Lap-Giacomo Moretti
A good start for the new year for Fenix!

December 14,2015

Indoor Racing Chilelli - 2° Scrivia Cup
3° place for Filo Botti at his debut in F1 with Mistral

December 6,2015

Charity Race- Scandiano
2nd-Stefano Luppi
5th-Fabrizio Villa

November 15,2015

Pole Position- Giuseppe Madonia
2nd place- Giuseppe Madonia

November 15,2015

Swiss Indoor Cup
1st Giacomo Moretti

October 26,2015

Scrivia Cup 
2nd Giacomo Moretti

October 18,2015

Pole Position- Vincenzo Basile
Best Lap- Vincenzo Basile
2nd place- Vincenzo Basile

October 18,2015

Trofeo Automodelli - Scandiano
2nd Stefano Luppi

October 18,2015

São Paulo - Brazil
The Sao Paulo Championship
1st classified

October 3, 2015

- Appa racetrack - Sao Paulo (Brazil) 
  2nd Paulo Roberto Martins

October 3, 2015

Trofeo Marka- Indoor Racing di Castelnuovo Scrivia
2nd Giacomo Moretti

September 27, 2015

Race of Champion - Leno
 4th Fabrizio Villa
5th Stefano Luppi

September 27, 2015

 Dintikon, Swiss Nationals E10TC
 1° Giacomo Moretti

September 20, 2015

Mini Racing Chiasso
 1° Giacomo Moretti
 3° Andrea Brianza

August 30, 2015

Mini Racing Chiasso
 1° Fabrizio Villa

First Victory for Mistral!

July 5, 2015

Fenix Body contest @ F1Italianseries

La Valletta, 1° Fabrizio Villa

June 14, 2015

SM/CS E10TC Lostallo 2015 
1° Riccardo Monzani

May 31, 2015

LRP Challenge - La Valletta
3° Fabrizio Villa

May 17, 2015

Palermo, 1° Vincenzo Basile

May 12, 2015

Schumacher day, 2° Stefano Luppi

May 3, 2015

Casalecchio - WRC Contest
2° Stefano Luppi

April 27 2015

Palermo, WRC Trophy

1° Vincenzo Basile

March  30, 2015

Palermo, 1° Vincenzo Basile

Trofeo DitoDito, La Valletta
1° Fabrizio Villa

Roma, Gp F1ITalianseries
Pole position Alessandro Bagagli

Vedano,  2° Alessandro Coghi

March 16, 2015

Swiss Indoor Champ, 3° Fabrizio Villa

February 8, 2015

Faloppio Indoor, 3° Fabrizio Villa

January 25, 2015

WES - Winter Electric Series
Overall Winner Stefano Luppi

December 27, 2014


December 21, 2014

Trofeo di Natale - Scandiano

1° Stefano Luppi
5° Simone Palmonari
14° Nicola Polverino
17° Vicky Luppi

December 14, 2014

3° Alessandro Coghi

TOP RC Challenge 
1° Stefano Luppi

December 7, 2014

Indoor Faloppio
2° Fabrizio Villa

November 20, 2014

Samuele Romagnoli 3°
Matteo Berlicioni 4°
Simone Palmonari 10°
Stefano Luppi 14°
Nicola Polverino 23°
Vicky Luppi 25°

November 22, 2014

2° Matteo Berlicioni
3° Simone Palmonari

November 16, 2014

2° Vincenzo Basile
3° Giuseppe Madonia

1° GP F1italianseries - Roma
2° Max Bellini

1 ghirlanda Daniel
2 Matteo Berlincioni
3 Riccardo Monzani 

1st round swiss indoor championship

November 9, 2014

Faloppio, Indoor
Fabrizio Villa, 3rd place

October 5,2014

1st Matteo Berlincioni
3rd Riccardo Monzani

But... more important... A lot of fun!!!

September 28,2014

La Valletta
Fabrizio Villa win the Social Championship

September 22,2014

Trofeo F1 - Casalecchio
1st Simone Palmonari
2nd Stefano Luppi

September 15,2014

Trofeo Estense
1st, Stefano Luppi - Pole Position - Best Lap
4th "Vicky" Luppi

2nd Paolo Bottignol

September 7,2014

Friendship Race, Torino
3rd Bmain Marco Favaretto - 1st Juniores

August 31,2014

La Valletta
1st, Mauro Raffaeli
2nd Fabrizio Villa

August 10,2014

1st Palmonari Simone
2nd Stefano Luppi
8th "Vicky" Luppi

July 13, 2014

4th (Amain) Matteo Berlincioni
3rd (Bmain) Giorgio Favaretto

July 13, 2014

1st. Stefano Luppi

4th place "Vicky" Luppi

La Valletta
1st Fabrizio Villa

July 6, 2014

ETS, Trencin
Matteo Berlicioni grab the overall 7th place in the  super competitive European series 

June 30, 2014

Palermo, Campionato RcE
2nd Vincenzo Basile

June 22, 2014

Trofeo Speed RC
1st - Matteo Berlincioni - Pole position - Best lap

June 22, 2014

Campionato Svizzero elettrico - Aigle
2° Giacomo Moretti - Best lap

June 15, 2014

Karl Fenech - Malta - National Champion

June 8, 2014

Maggiora, "Last race"
2nd  Riccardo Monzani
3rd Giorgio Favaretto

June 8, 2014

WRC Contest
1st Matteo Berlincioni

June 1, 2014

Campionato Sociale Chiasso
2° Giacomo Moretti - Pole position - Best lap

May 26, 2014

Regionale Sicilia RcE
2° Vincenzo Basile - Pole Position - Best lap
3° Giuseppe Madonia  

May 26, 2014

Italian Champs UISP
9° Max "Capitano" Bellini
10° Paolo Paradisi

May 18, 2014

Trofeo 3 Piste
2° Simone Palmonari
3° Stefano Luppi

May 18, 2014

Rome Gp
Paolo Paradisi 2nd

May 11, 2014

Regionale Sicilia RcE
3° Vincenzo Basile

May 11, 2014

Trofeo Estense
1° Stefano "Padawan" Luppi

May 11, 2014
Chiasso, Campionato Sociale
3° Giacomo Moretti

May 11, 2014

ETS, Round 4 - Austria
Matteo Berlincioni 8th
Karl Fenech 9th
Simone Leonardi 11th

May 4, 2014

3rd Round

1st Giacomo Moretti - Fenix Su-zuka (debut with Fenix)
2nd Davide Carbone
3rd Davide Bertolino

April 28, 2014
1st Race, Sicilian Championship race.

Vincenzo Basile - 2nd - Fenix Su-zuka (his debut with F1...)

April 13, 2014

2nd Round

1st Davide Carbone
2nd Tozzi Arturo
3rd Stefano "Padawan" Luppi - Fenix Su-zuka

April 13, 2014
Vedano - 1st Race of VML

Stefano Bizzocco - 17.5
Paolo Bottignol - 17.5
Riccardo Monzani - 21.5 - Fenix Su-zuka + Fenix Prototype body

March 30, 2014
La Valletta - Opening Race

Fabrizio Villa - Fenix Su-zuka
Davide Negri
Andrea Tonini

March 30, 2014
WRC Contest - Remedello

Valerio Solkaiser - Fenix Su-zuka

March 30, 2014
Pembroke Track - Malta

We can say "Grand Chelem" for Karl Fenech: Pole, fastest lap and win!

March 23, 2014
Last event of the MIBOCup 2013/2014

Thomas Bauer  get a superb 2nd place overall.

March 9, 2014
Schumacher Trophy - Scandiano

1st Marco Donadelli
2nd Matteo Berlincioni - Fenix Su-zuka
3rd Davide Carbone

February 16, 2014

1st Round - Remedello

1st Bryan Ferrara - Fenix Su-zuka

February 15, 2014
MIBOCup round 5
Roland and Thomas Bauer, 3rd and 5th

February 9, 2014
A nice race at the HPI challenge in Germany for Roland Bauer, taking the 3rd place.

February 3, 2014
ETS - Germany
A superb race were Matteo Berlincioni took the A-Main and a super superb 7th place.

Simone Leonardi, Awesomatix driver, choose Fenix for a F1 ride... that went pretty well...
He win the C- main.
In the same main, also Karl Fenech from Malta and Riccardo Monzani

And last... I got my 5 minutes of glory, by winning one of the E-main...but no nice lady for me.

January 26, 2014

Trofeo WRC  - Viareggio

1° Bryan Ferrara - Fenix
2° Emanuele D'Amico 
3° Nicola Polverino - Fenix

January 11, 2014
WRC Contest, Faloppio

Super impressive!
There were 7 Fenix cars, between Su-zuka and I-mola in the A- main!!!
1st: Matteo Berlincioni - Fenix Su-zuka
2nd: Davide Carbone
3rd: Bryan Ferrara - Fenix Su-zuka

January 5, 2014
Scandiano Xray Challenge Warm-up

1° Matteo Berlincioni, pole and fastest lap




Another excellent race weekend for the Fenix.
Qualifying was held on Saturday and only 3 drivers managed to "broke" the elusive 20 laps:
Nico Catelani - Fenix Su-zuka
Marco Donadelli
Matteo Berlincioni - Fenix Su-zuka

Finals were held on Sunday and, again, it was clear that the victory was a private affair for the 3 fastest driver.
First A-Main was as per the starting grid
Nico Catelani - Marco Donadelli - Matteo Berlincioni
But a little mix up comes with the 2nd Main with the 3 drivers switching up:
Marco Donadelli - Matteo Berlincioni - Nico Catelani
So every thing as to be set up on the last one....
Marco Donadelli - Nico Catelani - Davide Carbone

So the podium saw an excellent Marco Donadelli over the 2 Fenix driver Nico and Matteo

Mibosport cup - Round 2 - 

A family fight! Thomas Bauer and his brother Roland, at their first race with Su-zuka.
Thomas reach the podium while his brother Roland get the fourth place

But I believe Roland to be happier than Thomas....
Roland win the last A-Main, keeping Thomas in second, and Weber Herbert (2012 ETS winner) in third.

Thomas Suzie!

And Roland fine victory!!!

Thanks a lot guys!!!!

Angiolino Minispeedway Rc - Winter trophy - 1 of 7
(November 24, 2013)

Stefano "Tiger Man" Luppi took the third place with his Fenix Su-zuka

Pictured also is Stefano's fiance, Vicky, who took the third place in the Touring Entry level class.
We're waiting for her in the Fenix family...

Stefano's Suzie:

Motor: LRP X12 - 21.5

Model Game - Bologna

Pole position: Matteo Berlincioni - Fenix Su-zuka -  1 clear lap over the second
Best lap on qualify: Matteo Berlincioni
Victory: Matteo Berlincioni - Fenix Su-zuka -  1 clear lap over the second

the podium... where is the champagne?

Thanks Matteo

And thanks to Nicola Polverino, debuting there with his Fenix Su-zuka!


Trofeo Automodelli.it - Carpet - Scandiano RClandia (site of the 2014 1/12 Euros) 10 November 2013

Pole position: Matteo Berlincioni - Fenix Su-zuka
Runner up: Nico Catelani - Fenix Su-zuka
Best lap: Nico Catelani - 16.107
2nd Best lap: Matteo Berlincioni 16.316
Closer chaser... 1 lap down... in every "A main"....on "non" Fenix Su-zuka...

An huge "Thank you, guys!!!"
Classification, as per the rule (2 on 3) but enlightening the single best results

A main
CATELANI Nico - Fenix Su-zuka - 36/10.14.425
BERLINCIONI Matteo - Fenix Su-zuka - 36/10.11.492
TORREGGIANI Luca - IRC - 35/10.0.141
AQUILINO Andrea - Yokomo - 35/10.02.563
CAMPANINI Davide - WRC - 35/10.03.342
SELVA ANDREA - IRC - 34/10.14.217
MONZANI riccardo - Fenix Su-zuka - 34/10.05.822
LUPPI Stefano - Fenix Su-zuka - 33/10.08.089
BOTTIGNOL Paolo - IRC - 33/10.03.982
CARBONE Davide - IRC - 33/10.13.893

B Main
Favaretto - Fenix Su-zuka 34/10.08.170
Rabitti E - VBC - 33/10.11.542
Mancin - Fenix Su-zuka 30/10.02.068

Starting grid

Fenix drivers

More info:


Modelberghem - 1° indoor - 03 November 2013

1st. Bryan Ferrara - Fenix Su-zuka
2nd Flavio Paladin - Tamiya TRF
3rd. Domenico Drago - F109

Best lap: Bryan Ferrara

more info:

Automodelli.it Trophy, Asphalt, 22 September 2013

the results...

5 cars at the track
5 cars in the A-Main
5 cars able to do 20 laps, all able to lap in 19.XX seconds
1 final won (Marco Puleo)
2nd Matteo Berlincioni (3rd on the grid)
3rd Marco Puleo (2nd on the grid)
4th Riccardo Monzani (4th on the grid)
7th Massimo Chiodini (7th on the grid)
10th Favaretto Giorgio (5th on the grid)

First real race: Autmodellli.it Trophy at Maggiora...

Riccardo Monzani

Massimo Chiodini

Matteo Berlincioni

Marco Puleo

Giorgio Favaretto

Matteo Berlincioni

Massimo Chiodini

Giorgio Favaretto

Matteo Berlincioni

Some other comment and pictures